Cream contouring is a big thing within the beauty industry and even though it seems as though everyone and their aunt had tried it. I hadn’t and so I decided to rectify that. I recently bought this Makeup Obsession Cream Contour in Light to try out as I spotted it online and thought it looked like a good shade for my skin tone.

Below is a swatch of it on my skin:


I would say that it is a tad too warm for my skin tone, but I’m really enjoying it nonetheless and I’m so impressed with how it blends out with my Real Techniques contour brush and I love how it looks as part of the finished product when I put on a full face of makeup.


I was also going to be doing a first impression and review of the NYX Full Throttle Eyeshadow Palette in Easy on the Eyes but when I took it out of the bag, it looked like this:

There was eyeshadow on the outside of the packaging and I hadn’t even opened it at all, that’s how badly the shadows had been smashed!

I did think about getting an exchange but I didn’t want to risk it happening a second time, so I’m getting it refunded instead. On the plus side though, based on the photo used on the Boots website, I think I’ve found the exact gold and khaki shades in my alumni palette so hopefully, I’ll have a very similar look to the one I had planned to do with that palette coming very soon!

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