Lipstick Swatches – NYX Beauty School Dropout Alumni Palette

A few months ago, I posted about my NYX Beauty School Dropout Alumni Palette but I didn’t include any swatches at the time.  There are 40 lip colours in this palette and I wanted to see how each looked on, so I decided I’d do a lip swatch post. Unfortunately, I tried for two days to get good photos of the shades on my lips and I failed miserably – and my lips were so sore – so I decided to swatch them on my arm instead

I was so close to not posting this as I’m really only happy with the first image but it took a long time to finally get these swatches so I don’t want to let all of that time and effort go to waste. I hope that you can all overlook my shoddy photography and swatching just this once



I am so sorry for the difference in angle, lighting and focus. These were taken over a number of days as I had to work around my daughter’s nap times and when I looked at each photo after I had taken it, it looked to be in focus but obviously it wasn’t! (Maybe it’s time I had another eye test haha)


As these shades were from a huge palette, they don’t have any names but I swatched each of the rows from left to right

Although there are some very similar shades, I’m pretty impressed with them! There are a few colours that are a bit meh – mainly the metallic-y browns and that whiteish colour – but overall, I really like them. I’m a big fan of the oranges which surprised me because I really didn’t think I’d be a fan of orange lipstick!

Are these the kind of colours you’d go for? 


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18 Replies to “Lipstick Swatches – NYX Beauty School Dropout Alumni Palette”

    1. They’re all really comfortable and they wear pretty well considering they don’t claim to be long wearing. If I remember correctly, the more matte ones I’ve tried wore for a good few hours even after eating and drinking. Some of the lighter and glossier colours definitely take building up a little, which considering they only come in small pans could be a problem if they were colours I reached for a lot, but luckily they’re not

      Hope this helped 🙂 xx

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