Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser – Review

When I was looking into starting a proper skincare routine, I saw this on Boots and decided to purchase it as it claims to be “great for oily skin” and I’ve heard good things about Bioré products in the past – mainly their nose pore strips!

It is a daily cleanser so I have been using it every day as I want to get the most out of the product and use it as is instructed. It doesn’t say to leave it on for any specific amount of time, just to massage over face and rinse so I put it on and massage it into my face using my silicon facial exfoliators and then I rinse it off.

The first few times I used it, it tingled a bit on the skin – I’m not sure if  that is because my skin is very sensitive or if that is just how it works or it was a particular ingredient. After a few uses it began to sting my eyes SO badly so if you have very sensitive eyes too, I do not recommend this product at all! I will continue using it until the product is all gone because I don’t want to waste my money and it is definitely making me less oily, but I wont be repurchasing it on account of the stinging!


Also, I didn’t really start to notice it making much of a difference until I purchased these silicon facial exfoliating pads! My skin flakes really easily and my dead skin cells build up so quickly that I never felt as though my face was clean, but since getting these, my skin feels so much smoother! So, there was one positive in all of this!

Have you tried this cleanser? What did you think?


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  1. I love biore pore strips (literally have one on right now) so this was a little disappointing to read! But at least I know not to invest in this now, I’m super sensitive so can’t imagine it would work any better on me. Thanks for the tip 🙂 xo


    1. I really want to try them… luckily this product hasn’t put me off! I was disappointed too – I expected a lot more from it. You’re welcome 🙂 xx

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  2. womenandbeautyblogger says:

    Nice review dear 🙃 Btw please check out my blog I have started blogging recently 🙃


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