Violet Voss Holy Grail Pro Palette – The Whole Shebang!

If you saw my Mini Beauty Haul post a few days ago, then you’d have seen this beauty of an eyeshadow palette! Can we all just take a moment to really appreciate that holographic packaging? *swoons*






T to B – Cranberry Splash, Hashtag, Teddy Bear and Toffee

*The pay-off of Teddy Bear is the fault of my crappy swatching and not the actual shadow*


Makeup Look


Photo is unedited

To create this look I used:

Thanks A Latte all over my lid, then Transition as my transition shade. After that, I started the look with Brownie Points on the outer third of my eye and a little bit into my crease

I wasn’t sure of the look I wanted to create so I put So Jelly over the other two thirds of my lid, but I decided that I didn’t like how it looked and I put Cool Beans over the top

I then put Teddy Bear on my outer corner and crease to help build up the colour there and then I also added a little bit of Wine N Dine in the same placement to add a bit more depth to the look

To finish off the lid I used R U Kitten Me in my crease to help blend all of the colours together

For the lower lashline I used Teddy Bear and Wine N Dine on the outer third, Cool Beans in the centre, Proof in my inner third and Crystal as my inner corner highlight

Finally, as with my lid I used R U Kitten Me to blend all of the colours together


First Impression

Overall, I’m so impressed with this palette! I couldn’t recommend it enough! The shadows are super pigmented, they blend amazingly and there was absolutely no fallout from the shades I used! I didn’t go quite as extreme as I could have done with the look as I was going out for Sunday dinner a few hours later and it would have been a little over the top haha, but I can’t wait to try!


Do you own this palette? What are your thoughts?


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