What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hi everyone! I hope you all had the best Christmas! Are you all still full from your dinners and the massive amounts of junk food eaten? Because I know I am!

As you can tell from the title, today’s post is going to be what I got for Christmas this year. So, here is what I received:


I am so excited to read these! 


I absolutely love getting this kind of stuff because I love taking long baths and these kinds of gifts just make them so much more relaxing for me!

I really enjoy painting my nails and playing around with hairstyles – when I get the time to – so I’m really looking forward to playing around with these

Killer Queen is my favourite perfume so I’m always happy to receive another bottle! I haven’t smelled the Ted Baker or Emporio Armani ones yet so I’m excited to find out what they smell like!

I was SO happy to get this!!! Thank you momma! I haven’t unboxed it yet because I plan on doing an unboxing/first impression/swatch/tutorial type thing very soon so if you’re interested, keep a look out for that!


Every year for Christmas, my mom buys me a new pair of pajamas, it’s kind of become an accidental tradition, but I love it haha!

I also received this jacket from Boohoo but I couldn’t get a photo that does it justice because mine is about two sizes too big – oops! I think I’m going to have it tailored because I love it and don’t want to have to sell it as it can’t be returned now


I also received a New Look gift card, some money, alcohol and my lovely fiancé took me and my little sister to see Dick Whittington at the Birmingham Hippodrome! It was absolutely amazing!

I love everything I got this year I was very lucky to receive so many lovely gifts – as with every year – and I am so grateful and thankful to everybody who bought them for me!

What was your favourite gift that you gave or received this year? 


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. shaunz says:

    You got some great gifts 😉


      1. shaunz says:

        you’re welcome


  2. You got such lovely gifts ! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas ! You’ve got such a lovely blog ! I’d love if you could visit my blog, and maybe even subscribe to my blog !


    1. I did, thank you! I hope you did too! Thank you, of course I’ll check it out 🙂


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