My Labour Experience 

As our daughter turns one year old on Saturday, I thought I’d share my labour experience with you all! I promise you it’s not gruesome and there were no complications, so if reading that kind of content would upset you/freak you out, don’t worry!

My due date came and went and I was getting more and more fed up of being stuck in our flat, barely able to move and just wishing the baby out of me! I was genuinely offended. Did she not want to meet us? Because we were desperate to meet her (we didn’t know she was a she until I’d given birth)!


I’m not at all sure of the time because I didn’t check my phone, but in the early hours of the morning on December 10th whilst we were in bed, I was feeling slight twinges in my abdomen every now and then. They weren’t very too painful and I  just put it down to constipation (I had struggled with it a lot during my pregnancy) and so I thought nothing of it (despite the fact that she was due on the 6th!!!) and went back to sleep.

When I finally woke up in the morning after Joe had already left for work for the day, I was still having those same pains so I thought it best to time them on the pregnancy app that I had been using on my phone. They were around 7 and a half minutes apart and that was when I realised that they were contractions and not constipation.

I text Joe to let him know that I was having contractions and he came straight home from work. My contractions stayed at 7 and a half minutes for most of the day and we spent that time at home just watching tv and I was really calm and chilled out.

I phoned the maternity ward at the hospital to let them know that I was having contractions and the lady on the phone said that if they were really painful, to head to the hospital but if they weren’t too bad, to stay at home a while longer. As my contractions weren’t unbearably painful, I opted to stay at home. At this point, it still hadn’t hit me that I was very likely to give birth that day!

Eventually, my contractions got closer, at about five minutes apart and they were more painful but they still weren’t what I thought they would be feeling like before we’d need to go to the hospital so we continued to stay at home.

I don’t remember the exact time, but at some point just before/after 4pm, Joe said he was going into the bedroom to watch YouTube videos on his phone and only a few minutes later, I felt a trickle of liquid! I went into the bedroom and told Joe that I thought my water had just broken and we jumped straight in the car to the hospital! This was when I began to panic!

Whilst we were in the car and even as we were heading up to the maternity ward, I could feel more liquid being released and at this point, my contractions were so bad that I could barely stand up and I had to keep steadying myself on the walls. It was scary how quickly they progressed once my waters had broken!

When we got to the maternity ward, Joe buzzed the door and I remember him saying “I think my partner is in labour” and a lady came running out to us! She took us into a room where she examined me and told us that I was 7cm dilated and she had no idea how we had made it there in time.

We were taken straight into a delivery room – this was just before/after 5pm (I can’t remember) and at 6:45pm exactly, Lillie was born! The midwives held her up and said “do you want to see what you’ve had?”. I looked down to see that I’d given birth to a little girl and since we had already picked out names for whatever gender, I said “Hello Lillie” at which point Joe started to cry. It was so lovely!

I do not remember all of the delivery as I was given gas and air and I was out of it, but I do remember that I was terrified that I was going to poo myself and I even tried to climb off the bed at one point because I was convinced that it was a poo and not a baby, and that Joe and the midwife had to practically roll me back onto the bed! Haha.

Throughout the delivery, Joe was holding my hand (he said I hurt him from squeezing so hard but he didn’t want to say I was hurting him because of what I was going through and he thought I’d shout at him), putting wet cloths on my head to cool me down and he was also giving me water to drink. He was amazing and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him!

In terms of labour and delivery, mine was pretty fast and the midwives who helped to deliver Lillie were amazing! I can’t praise them enough!


If any of you are mothers too, what was your delivery like?

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